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This is the page where I'll describe ourself in more detail.

Our group near the Golden gate,Ca.jpg
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Our Family history started from june 2005 when I first time met my wife Oxana...
Me and other 8 young people went on the Tour Around America, and Oxana's mother invited me to sing with the group. It was the most interesting and unforgettable time in my life. When I came to USA I didn't have plans to find somebody for life. However, Oxana and I became good friends and we decided to keep our relationship after the trip and see what happens. First time I didn't really understand  it was Love... but after some time I knew that it's not just relationship and we need to be together. Me and Oxy started to think about marrige and we had our wedding on March 25 of 2006. It's really long and interesting story,and if you want to know more,please write me on my e-mail...I'll be writing updates on our life here...
(All information about this event you can find on ...) 
From middle of november 2006 i'm living in Colorado,really nice place,beautiful mountains views..deers...rivers...fresh air...
My wife studying nursing at Aims.She really like it,because she want help people...and I'm glad that she can be really helpful for the United States.
I went to Russia couple weeks ago to continue my education too.I'm studying chemical engineering.
2 month and 2 days ago we got a baby..It's a Girl..her name Angelina...Welcome new family member..WE really love her..She so special for both of us..
Now we found a family who sponsor us. They living in America in neighbour town.
All pictures you can find in Links or here 

Wedding ceremony palace,Russia,March 2006.jpg


Here's a list of some of my favorite movies:

Oceans 11,12,13...Departed...Ben Gur...Facing the giants...Green Mile...Forrest Gump...The fantom Of the Opera...Shawshank redemption...Catch me if you can... 

Here's a list of some of my favorite music:

Jars of Clay., Dmitriy Shletgauer., Chris Tomlin.,Jeremy Camp.,Novi Ierusalem., Bon Jovi.,Bryan Adams.,Maroon 5.,Mercyme.,Michael W Smith and more and more..

My favorite song (Jars of Clay)

Our recent Family picture

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