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Dear friends and visitors of our web site!!!

We got a "little" problem here.

If you could pray for us and our situation.

You can find more information in our links which we provide below.

First link explains our problem.

Second is our letter to the government and how it supposed to be written.

We really want to stay here..

And YOU can help...

You can adress this letters to the Marilyn Musgrave (Congresswoman), Bill Ritter (Governor) and Ken Salazar (US Senator).

Contact us if you have further questions.

Thank you...

Request on Behaf of Alexander and Oxana Kolesov

Request on Behaf of Alexander and Oxana Kolesov(PDF format)

Your letter to the Government

Welcome to our family project.

On this home page, I will introduce myself and my family. I like to tell about our life in the USA. Here you can find all information about our parents,friends and some interesting facts...about all...

What's New?

Here you can find fresh news about our life events 

02/17/07 (1:00 A.M.) - We had a BABY GIRL - ANGELINA

03/15/07 - 04/05/07 I'm (Alexander) went to Russia to continue my education

04/17/07 - our Baby Angelina get 2 month old...Congratulations...

04/29/2007- Attention everybody!!!

More Pictures!!! Almost in all directories...just come and see

05/07/2007 - Today I have  bad news...

Our sponsor's daughter Alison died. Information about that you can find here...

Please pray everybody for support to Barb and Rick...

05/21/2007 - Thank you for Keep and more pictures...welcome...

05/21/2007 -- 09/05/2007 2 Trips to Estes Park (photos),resting,hunging out with friends

09/05/2007 - We are so exiting...Probably in November Angelina and I will go to Russia,to study and to see our grandparents...

11/05/2007 -- 02/06/2008 Angelina's and my trip to Russia.It was hard time without our Mommy, but she came to us in december 10th and left on 5th of January.I 've done some things, but need go one more time...Actually,we enjoyed out time in Russia...Pray the Lord
Pictures available on flickr
01/21/2008 -- Hello to my dear friends from Russia...I'll be here more than 2 weeks...please pray for my visa...(message from Russia)
03/19/2008 -- Thank you sooo much for visiting our web site.And I'm finally in America again.Angelina turned one in February 17.And pretty soon it will be my B-DAY.Probably 'll be here  tll december,and I need go to Russian to pass my finals...
More Pictures updated every 7-10 days.ENJOY

Recent picture of our precious.
Check out more...

Please get in touch with any comments or reactions to my site.
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